Being Human: On The Good News of God

Think of your hand: It can make a fist or it can extend in peace. It can wield a weapon or it can play the violin. It can point in derision or it… Continue reading

Awe & Wonder: Encountering the Great Poet

God, whatever God is, must not be boring because God’s creation is so amazingly, wonderfully, surprisingly fascinating.   – Brian McLaren God, whatever God is… Given the scope of the universe, I often… Continue reading

A Journey Through Narrative

I’ll be reflecting on the narrative of scripture in the coming months. Our pastors have begun preaching through the biblical narrative, and they will continue this series through May. And, I will be… Continue reading

Sermon on the Mount Prayer Stations

Prayer Stations

Science, Theology, and Every Day

I am certainly not an expert in any sense when it comes to science. I took basic level courses in physics and geology in college, and I was a slightly above average student.… Continue reading

On Writing

It’s time to start writing again. I find that in working in ministry and in church, it’s best to practice getting my thoughts out there. And while sifting through circumstances and life and… Continue reading